wc fields, our hero
In order to obtain membership in The Curmudgeon Society, you must be...
  • nominated by someone (including yourself) who recognizes that you possess those qualities that define a curmudgeon.
  • age 65* or older. It is not until you have attained the age of 65 that you have sufficient wisdom to recognize when to invoke your unique power.
  • male**. Women are sugar and spice and everything nice. Women do not have the "necessities" to be a Curmudgeon.
  • posessed of a burning desire to be formally recognized as a Curmudgeon.
  • willing to sign (albeit electronically)the Curmudgeon Creed.

* age requirement is waived if you are not self nominated because there are people who do believe that you ARE a Curmudgeon.

** OK - SOME women may be able to become a member but their fees will be higher due to the additional validation that will be required to confirm their fittness for Curmudgeonary.
Honorary Curmudgeon Society Members