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On the topic of licensure...
You may not practice the art and science of Curmudgeonary without a license.
Merely being a registered member of The Curmudgeon Society does NOT give you license to practice Curmudgeonary. Note that practicing Curmudgeonary WITHOUT A LICENSE is legal in most states, practicing curmudgeonary while being in the state of inebriation is illegal in all states.

In order to be licensed, you will have to pass the Curmudgeon License Test.
Review the Purpose, Vision, and Creed and take the test when you have assimilated all the wisdom contained therein. At that point you should be ready to take the test. Upon satisfactory completion of the test, you will receive a wallet sized card attesting to your status as a licensed Curmudgeon. At this point, you will be free to practice Curmudgeonly behavior whenever and whereever it is necessary.

The testing fee is $5.00. This fee must be paid each time you take the test. Most people pass on the first try.

Click HERE to begin the testing process.

Honorary Curmudgeon Society Members