wc fields, our hero
Certification is the highest rank a member can achieve. No one can ever hope to achieve the rank of Chief Curmudgeon as that rank is held by our curmudgeonal inspirator, the late W.C. Fields.

Curmudgeon members who are registered and licensed may become Certified if they meet the following criteria:
  • must certify that you have been called a Curmudgeon on at least five separate occasions.
  • must submit a description of one of the most Curmudgeonly of the certifying events. This description will be evaluated and a decision will be returned within a week of submittal.
There will be an evaluation submittal fee of $5.00. If you are denied Certification status, you are more than welcome to submit another curmudgeonly event for consideration. Obviously it will have to be better than the remaining four since you already picked your best and it was rejected. Most members are approved within 10 submittals.

A separate fee is required for each submittal (careful... no Curmudgeing allowed here as a courtesy to those who have to evaluate your submission and yes, Curmudgeons are courteous when necessary).

Once certified you will receive a new wallet sized card and certificate of membership attesting to your newly acquired status of "registered, licensed and certified" member of The Curmudgeon Society. The new card is created for you for no charge. There is however, a $7.95 charge for postage and handling.

All Curmudgeon certifying events will be displayed on the website for educational and motivational purposes. We hope to teach other licensed members how to improve their Curmudgeonly impact by reading the experiences of the certified members.

Click HERE to begin the certification process.

Honorary Curmudgeon Society Members