wc fields, our hero
The benefits of joining The Curmudgeon Society are:

  • Access to the "Members Only" Curmudgeon Society website where you will find innumerable things of interest related to curmudgeonry.
    Web site is currently a figment of founder's imagination (12/25/2011)

  • You will receive a beautiful, suitable for framing, certificate of membership attesting to your registration as a member of the Curmudgeon Society.

  • You will receive a wallet-size laminated membership card.
    (Important once you are licensed - see next point.)

  • You can be licensed to practice curmudgeonary. Once licensed, you will receive new certificates (frame and wallet size) that will attest to your status as a licensed Curmudgeon. The wallet-size license card should be presented whenever your right to practice curmudgeonary is challenged.
    (Extra fee of $5.00 required to cover the cost of producing and registering the license, postage and handling and a good profit to boot).
    Please Note: Practicing curmudgeonary WITHOUT A LICENSE is legal in most states. Practicing curmudgeonary while being in the state of inebriation is illegal.

  • Opportunity to submit credentials for certification as a curmudgeon. This is the highest honor that a living curmudgeon can ever attain (our inspirational founder, W. C. Fields stands tallest amongst all of us). Upon acceptance and validation of your credentials, you will receive a beautiful certificate and a notation on your membership card, attesting to your exhaulted state.

  • You will be taught, via online courses, how to snarl the phrase "young whippersnapper" with the proper degree of indignation and self-rightousness and with the right intonation.

  • People will be inclined to accept your wisdom when you can demonstrate that you are a licensed, registered, and, most important, certified, card carrying member of The Curmudgeon Society.
Honorary Curmudgeon Society Members